Live Timing

You are tired of waiting for your results until you get back in the pits? You want to adjust your line choices while you’re riding? That’s when MX Buddy Live Timing comes into play!

Live Panels

Mounted to your handlebar your phone will become your live monitor while riding. Other apps will just present you a single screen with data you may be not interested in. MX Buddy takes a different approach with interchangeable Live Panels.
🔘 Timing Panel
This is the basic panel. It contains the following information
app screenshot
  • Lap number
  • Total time
  • Current lap time
  • Previous lap time
  • Second last lap time (faded out a little)
  • Heart rate (color coded zones)
  • Segment indicators that show faster or slower segment times by color
🔘 Consistency Panel
The Consistency panel helps you to aim a target lap time. MX Buddy will automatically suggest your track’s best lap time as target lap time. But you are free to adjust this. Furthermore you select a time range that you allow yourself to be off your target lap time.
After you start reocrding, MX Buddy will color the whole screen after each lap to inform you about your consistency. Further information on this panel are
app screenshot
  • Lap number
  • Consistency Score
  • Total time
  • Difference between the current lap time and the target lap time
All the panels were designed for maximum readability and with strong focus on a quick perception of all necessary information with a minimum of distraction while riding.
🔥 More panels will be added in the future. Stay tuned!

Live Speech

Here lap times and segment times while riding!
Live Timing Speech Icon
" Lap three. 1 minute and 53.7 seconds. Faster by 0.4 seconds. "
Just pair your bluetooth headphones with your phone and start recording. MX Buddy will tell you lap times, segment times and whether and how much slower or faster you were.
You just want to here lap times, but no segment times or the other way around? Just turn off what you don’t want to hear in the settings.
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