Riding Analysis

MX Buddy gives you optimal support for recording and evaluation of your training sessions.

Record Data

With MX Buddy you have many opportunities to record your riding sessions.
🔘 Highly Accurate GPS
  • Record with the XGPS160 and load it directly into MX Buddy
  • Record with your iPhone and a paired XGPS160
    🔥 with Heart Rate and Live Timing
🔘 Standard GPS
  • Import from external sources (e.g. from Polar or Garmin GPS Devices)
  • Record with your iPhone
    🔥 with Heart Rate and Live Timing
  • Record with your Apple Watch
    🔥 with Heart Rate and Live Timing
🔘 Lap Times
  • Import LITPro lap times
  • Import MYLAPS lap times
  • Use the motocross stopwatch
  • Input lap times manually
🔘 Heartrate
  • You can even record your heart rate separately and then combine it with GPS data
To record your heart rate, you need a compatible heart rate belt.

Analyze Results

Whether you've recorded GPS data or just lap times, MX Buddy gives you plenty of options for analyzing and thus improve your riding.
🔘 Analysis
  • Playback your laps in real time
  • Compare laps on free definable track segments
  • Compare against your theoretical best lap (consisting of your best segments)
  • Color coded speeds
  • Display of speed and distance
  • Display of your maximum speed
  • Segment selection
  • Segment potential calculation
  • Navigate with high precision timeline
  • Move and zoom freely on the map
  • Switch between Apple and Google maps
🔘 Statistics
  • Best lap time for the selected track with date
  • Best lap time per run
  • Average lap time per run
  • Total time per run
  • Number of laps per run
  • Lap times chart per run
  • Consistency score per run
  • Consistency chart over time
  • Race strategy analysis
  • Heart rate analysis with heart rate zones
  • Stats for all your sessions or filtered
  • Overview of all your sessions with their assigned bike setups
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