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June 08, 2020

GPS Drift Correction

Learn how to shift your routes to perfectly match the map

GPS Drift

GPS drift is the difference between the actual location and the location recorded by the GPS receiver. This deviation can be up to a few meters!

Position Accuracy

If the positions deviate by several meters, isn't my data too imprecise?

The answer is yes and no.

The absolute accuracy of the positions is often poor, but the relative accuracy from one position to another is very good with GPS receivers like the XGPS160.

Due to a poor absolute positional accuracy, the laps do not match the track on the map very well. However, the route itself is very precise.

Since the GPS drift remains almost constant within one lap and the change over several laps is usually negligible, all positions only need to be shifted together.

How does the correction work?

In the following screenshot you can see that the recorded data is pretty far from the actual route. This means that analyzes make little sense and the finish line and segment markers are partly ineffective.

Tap on "Shift map" in the top left and use the arrows to move your laps until they fit the map perfectly.

Drift correction how to

Then save your session as usual.

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