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07. Juni 2020

Integrate Heart Rate

Learn how to integrate heart rate into existing recordings

Highly Accurate GPS + Heart Rate

Now it is possible to combine the data of your XGPS160 (or any other GPS device) with your heart rate afterwards in MX Buddy!

XGPS160 and Polar H10

What for?

Devices like the XGPS160 are very accurate GPS sensors. The accuracy is necessary for analysis of your ridden tracks and for the exact evaluation of segment times. Unfortunately, however, such devices usually cannot record heart rates. And the analysis of your heart rate is very important for an optimal training evaluation.

MX Buddy to the rescue!

The following 3 steps are necessary.

Step 1

Record your ride as usual and your heart rate at the same time. If possible use a heart rate belt for best results. Some heart rate belts, such as the Polar H10, can record your heart rate without additional devices, others need e.g. a fitness watch or similar as a recording device.

Example configuration: GPS recording with the XGPS160 and heart rate recording with the Polar H10

Step 2

Load your GPS data as you are used to in MX Buddy. (Possibilities for data import) For information on downloading from the XGPS160, see this blog post

Step 3

Then you select a recording that contains your heart rate. This can be a TCX or FIT file (e.g. exported from Garmin Connect) or a recording from Polar Flow.

Polar Import

In the Polar Flow Import view, your heart rate recording is now displayed with a green "HR" (Heart Rate).

After selecting the recording, you will be asked whether you want to integrate heart rates into an existing recording. You confirm that with "Yes".

After the success message, your heart rates are now integrated in your GPS recording and you can fully evaluate your riding session.

Session with heart rate

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