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January 18, 2020

Consistency Wins Races

Learn how to improve your consistency by using MX Buddy

Do you remember...

...this guy named „Golden Rod“? 😂 ...or „Mr. Consistency“ Ryan Dungey?

There are a lot of riders, that can lay down a heater. But beeing consistent over a full race distance is the key to success!

Ryan Dungey was one of the most consistent riders throughout his entire carrier. Once I came across one of his lap time charts of a supercross race. Look at the chart below. This is hard to believe!

Mr. Consistency

Working on your consistency should be one of the main objectives when you go riding!

MX Buddy Consistency Training

MX Buddy makes it easy and fun to work on your consistency. Here is how it works.

1 - Select GPS Recording

2 - Swipe left on the standard panel until you see the consistency panel

3 - Go to settings (little gear symbol to the right)

4 - Select your Target Lap Time

5 - Select how much your lap time may differ from the target lap time (Target Range)

6 - Start recording and ride!

NOTE: Before GPS recording you have to make sure, your selected track has a valid GPS track setup. Otherwise MX Buddy won’t be able to calculate lap times.

What you’ll see while riding

Whenever you cross the finish line, you’ll see the result of the lap you just completed. If you stayed within your target range, you’ll see a greenish color, if you failed you’ll see red and the time difference to the target lap time. So you can quickly and easily see if everything is fine or if you need to adjust your pace.

Your consistency score will also be updated each lap. If you are on a regular motocross track, try to stay higher than 75%.

consistency panel

Smartphone mounts

If you're wondering how to attach your phone safely to your dirt bike, here are some possible solutions:

RAM MOUNTS for dirt bikes


ROK FORM mounts

QUAD LOCK moto mounts

In forums like VitalMX you can also find creative solutions from other riders.

Track consistency over time

If you want to improve your consistency sustainably, you can easily track that with MX Buddy. To do this, go to "Results", select the period you are interested in and select under "Tools" (top left) "Show Consistency".

track your progress

The orange regression line should ascend over time 😉

What else?

Go ride! And keep it fun!

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