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November 06, 2019

Track Setup

Learn how to create a track and how to set it up for GPS based lap timing

In order to get automatically calculated lap and segment times based on GPS recording / imports, you need to have a track with a proper GPS configuration.

Create the track

To create a track, go to 'New' on the first tab and on the top right select 'New Track'. Give your track a name and set the track's type of soil. If you are currently on the track, simply select 'Location' to be located. Otherwise you can either enter the GPS coordinates or search for the track by using the input field. Then save the track.

Prepare the track

On the same view you can configure the track for GPS use. To do this, select 'Track Setup' and follow the instructions or watch the tutorial in the video down below.

Finish Line

To set the finish line, you can first prepare the map by moving and zooming it as you are used to from other map apps. Then you tap where the finish line should be, first on one side of the track and then on the other side. A pin is placed for each tap on the map. When the second pin is set, the line between the two pins is displayed.

set finish line

Track Segments

If you want to have split times, then you have to add segment gates. To do this, tap on "Add segment gate“ and follow the same steps as for the finish line.

add track segment

Edit Gates

Once you have selected a segment, you can edit the gate markers. If you only want to change one pin or want to fine-tune the gate, there is a very simple solution. Hold your finger on the pin you want to change for a moment until it lifts slightly. Now you can move it around on the map with your finger still pressed. As you move the pin, the gate is updated continuously. So you can very precisely and easily define how it should be.

move pin


You can also configure the track after recording or after an import. There you'll find the same 'Track Setup' button. You have the advantage that your lines are overlaid on the map, which will help you to set your finish line and segment markers a lot easier.

The relative lengths of the track segments are displayed too. This allows you to distribute your segment gates more evenly across the track.

segment distances

Use the track

Before you start a recording or import data, you have to select the track on which you are riding / you rode. After recording or importing the GPS data, lap and segment times are then calculated automatically.

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